Sunday, 27 February 2011

80's wedding styling

My little sister and her family came to stay for the weekend and while they were here she asked if she could try on some of the wedding dresses (I defy any lady to not want to try them on for fun!)
Little did I know that she would look so utterly fantastic in the 70's giant lace dresses, so fantastic that we just had to do an impromptu photo shoot on the garden! The make up is just how she wears it any way and with a pair of biker boots she has totally pulled off a truly exceptional on trend 80's style wedding look.

I love my little sister!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair March 20th

So we at the Hand Made Wedding Co are getting very excited and a little nervous as the run up to our first wedding fair approaches on the 20th March. It will be held at Bristol Zoo as is an exclusively vintage affair, with a variety of different traders attending but all with a vintage edge.

The whole affair is being co-ordinated by Bristol Vintage - a very lovely company who have a very lovely crockery collection that can be hired out for your special occasion.

For more information on them and the fair

Come and see, it's free and should be inspirational and beautiful - even if you're not getting married!

Friday, 18 February 2011

50's lace wedding dress

Today was a very special day as the lovely Jo modelled for me. She wore a beautiful 1950's lace wedding dress with a square train. It was multitasking mayhem but the results were fantastic.

Here is a sneak preview before the dress goes onto the website;

She looks so very, very sweet - thanks Jo, you're a star!

Friday, 11 February 2011

B's first post

August bank holiday 2010 my boyfriend whisked me away on a surprise trip to Paris and proposed under the Eiffel tower. Since buying my first copy of BRIDES magazine in the airport on the way home I have been getting more and more obsessed with all things bridal! Which is where Katie comes in...she's been a friend of ours for a very long time and will be helping us put together our very own bespoke hand made wedding.

I have already found hundreds of amazing ideas and seen some pretty inspirational websites and blogs but first up has to be the invitations. Continuing the handmade theme we have spent all day playing around with designs after seeing these gorgeous paper cut / laser cut designs...

And now for my personal favourite (such a work of art!)....
This may have seemed overly ambitious at first to create something as effective for our invitations but after viewing the website of the amazing Mike Lomax we felt inspired! Check out his website to see some truly inspirational paper cutting in action;

So now for our turn!
For the first attempt we started off with a rough outline sketch

Then using a scalpel we carefully cut along the lines to produce the top layer to be later stuck on coloured card...

With a bit of tweaking to the design we're halfway there...only another 100 or so to do!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011 for more cards and lovliness


while out this weekend my eye was caught by some really beautiful postcards in the window of paperchase - i just had to buy them

for other cards and designs

Thursday, 3 February 2011

how to make bunting

As i've been making a lot of bunting recently, I thought I might share with those of you that would like to know, how to make it.
Obviously the first thing to do is pick your fabric combination's. During my time as Visual manager at Urban Outfitters the rule of thumb was that everything should be in 3's or 5's and that's a rule I tend to stick to as it creates a nice balance.

I tend to make mine with ribbon although this is not necessary, I also sit my flags right next to each other, again this is entirely up to you as to how close you want them. The less flags the less work - I personally prefer the look of bunting when the flags are all cuched up together!

Step 1; You will need to make a template to draw around to make sure your flags are the same size. You will also need scissors and a light coloured pencil.

Step 2; On the wrong side of the fabric (the back) draw around your template and repeat until you reach the end. Once you've done that cut all the flags out. If you cut your fabric in strips to the same length as your flag template you will save yourself cutting time.

Step 3; Once you cut out all your flags you are ready to sew them to your ribbon. The flags need to be attached wrong side down at the top edge of the ribbon.

Step 4; Now the flags have all bee sewn on the wrong way you need to fold them over so the ribbon is folded in half and the fabric is facing up (with the right side facing out). Top stitch all the way along and your bunting is complete.

It really is that easy and as we all know a little bit of bunting goes a long way in the style stakes!