Wednesday, 26 January 2011

One More Dress

This week end I was enticed - yet again - to Cheddar Boot Fair to pick up another vintage wedding dress from the lovely Ang Broderick. 1950's lace with a train (pictures to come soon). On this trip we took the lovely Louis Legs (Louise to her other friends or @loulou to twitter fans), this was her first trip and she took some great pictures that really capture the ambiance of our favourite  all year boot fair. So all the pictures on this weeks blog are courtesy of Lou; 

dogs in anoraks always make me laugh!

Marylin Mirror one whole pound

I had to add this - £2 for a bag of sausages, they are still in our fridge, ridiculous!

Our newest edition at his spiritual home
It's always cold, but there is always so much to see and there is always a little gem tucked away that can be turned into something beautiful. No doubt next time I need something or another to dress a wedding with i'll be back down there!
Thanks for some great pics Legs

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wedding Fair

So right now I am getting extremely excited as we have our first wedding fair coming up on the 20th March in association with the lovely people at Bristol Vintage
go check it out. There is a full list of exhibitors, directions to the venue and other buzzy things, fabulous!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

70's wedding dress shoot

So over the weekend the wonderful Al and Moira Jackson (not forgetting Louis Legs) helped me out with my photo shoot and the results were fantastic.
There is only room on the website for 2 or 3 of each picture so I thought I would use today's blog to put on some that didn't make it to the site. I think you'll agree that a Vintage wedding dress can definitely hold its own in the style stakes.

1970's tiered lace dress 

1970's lace prairie collar wedding dress
It was a lot of fun to do and trying to get it done before the rain made it even more exciting!

To look at more of Al's work go to, it's not wedding dresses but it's still good!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Vintage Wedding Dresses

This post is devoted entirely to Ang Broderick who has a little vintage stall at Cheddar Boot Fair and flea market.
It's a rare boot fare that is open all year and always has a hidden treasure or two. I always manage to find little bits and pieces that can help dress a wedding or finish off a dress perfectly. There are stalls with vintage crockery and beautiful tea sets, mirrors galore and haberdashery that can't be found in modern fabric shops.

Ang herself has been sourcing and selling bits and pieces of beautiful vintage clothes and accessories for a few years and has an excellent eye. 

Even more special though were her collection of vintage wedding dresses that now have a new home at the hand made wedding co.
1930's silver and white brocade wedding dress 
1950's vintage lace wedding dress
For  more information on how to obtain these lovely dresses and to see our full selection of Vintage wedding dresses come to and follow the links to Vintage dresses.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year New Tablecloth

After a family filled Christmas it was nice to make New Year about friends. We had a really sweet evening with friends who also had children, which got me to thinking how to keep everyone happy at the dinner table? Then it struck me - we could use the table as a drawing board;

It went down well with both parents and children and was so cheap (as it was a disposable paper table cloth) that I think I may well do it for every eating occasion from here on in! Everyone stayed at the table drawing long after the chocolates had been eaten.
I would have kept it as a a piece of art but the evening degenerated slightly and the tablecloth became covered in rude words! It really is something I will do again, just looking at the pictures is reminding me of how satisfying it was.
Ideal for weddings when the meals can last for hours.