Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year New Tablecloth

After a family filled Christmas it was nice to make New Year about friends. We had a really sweet evening with friends who also had children, which got me to thinking how to keep everyone happy at the dinner table? Then it struck me - we could use the table as a drawing board;

It went down well with both parents and children and was so cheap (as it was a disposable paper table cloth) that I think I may well do it for every eating occasion from here on in! Everyone stayed at the table drawing long after the chocolates had been eaten.
I would have kept it as a a piece of art but the evening degenerated slightly and the tablecloth became covered in rude words! It really is something I will do again, just looking at the pictures is reminding me of how satisfying it was.
Ideal for weddings when the meals can last for hours.

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