Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Vintage Wedding Dresses

This post is devoted entirely to Ang Broderick who has a little vintage stall at Cheddar Boot Fair and flea market.
It's a rare boot fare that is open all year and always has a hidden treasure or two. I always manage to find little bits and pieces that can help dress a wedding or finish off a dress perfectly. There are stalls with vintage crockery and beautiful tea sets, mirrors galore and haberdashery that can't be found in modern fabric shops.

Ang herself has been sourcing and selling bits and pieces of beautiful vintage clothes and accessories for a few years and has an excellent eye. 

Even more special though were her collection of vintage wedding dresses that now have a new home at the hand made wedding co.
1930's silver and white brocade wedding dress 
1950's vintage lace wedding dress
For  more information on how to obtain these lovely dresses and to see our full selection of Vintage wedding dresses come to and follow the links to Vintage dresses.

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