Tuesday, 18 January 2011

70's wedding dress shoot

So over the weekend the wonderful Al and Moira Jackson (not forgetting Louis Legs) helped me out with my photo shoot and the results were fantastic.
There is only room on the website for 2 or 3 of each picture so I thought I would use today's blog to put on some that didn't make it to the site. I think you'll agree that a Vintage wedding dress can definitely hold its own in the style stakes.

1970's tiered lace dress 

1970's lace prairie collar wedding dress
It was a lot of fun to do and trying to get it done before the rain made it even more exciting!

To look at more of Al's work go to http://www.post-photography.co.uk/, it's not wedding dresses but it's still good!


  1. I had lots of fun and will happily help out with any future shoots. LLx

  2. I love that first dress....is it available to buy?

  3. Hi .b
    yes it's available for £200 including postage within the uk.
    you can always contact me at thehandmadeweddingco@yahoo.co.uk