Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snowflakes and butterflies

Hello ladies, I know the Christmas season is over, but as I type, snowflakes are tumbling past the window and the whole world is silent and white.  If you're into the idea of a winter wedding one of the simplest and prettiest things you can make are snowflakes.  They look beautiful as place settings or can just be hung amongst the flowers.  Here's how to:

1.    You need: A4 paper, scissors and a pencil
2.    First, make a square, to do this take one corner and fold diagonally across the paper so that you make a triangle and the edges of the paper line up
3.    Cut off the spare rectangle - along the line where the fold meets so that you’re left with a square when you open the paper out
4.    Fold the triangle in half at the shortest point
5.    You need to make a circle so now draw a curved line from the folded edge to the other side
6.    Cut along the line, if you open it up now you should have a rough circle
7.    Now for the pretty bit; whatever you cut out from this shape will make your final design.  Little snips out from the folded edges will give you a lacey effect, long spiney cuts will back delicate spikes. 
Remember whatever you do will be mirrored along the fold when you open it out.  For the butterfly design cut out one half of the butterfly shape, and when you open it up you’ll have a whole one.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A whole year later

Well hello there guys and dolls. Can you believe it's a year since I last posted? I can't.
I've spent the last year studying on a Masters in Fashion Merchandise and Management as well as lecturing in fashion, developing a new product (, building a shop as well as moving house and being a mum.
I'm telling you this by way of apologising for not being so quiet, I have genuinely not had the time. So by way of apology here are some pics from the beautiful boutique I designed and built in Southampton, with the help of some incredible people.

Re:So Gallery

Home made wine bottle lights

Re:So shop

Hanging bottle lights

It has been the wine bottle lights that have been most marvelled at and they are so easy to make (you tube how to cut wine bottles) and the flex and fittings are from Wilkinson. Super cheap, relatively easy and and incredibly effective.

If you are in Shampton and fancy popping in, the shop is situated on the first floor of the Marlands centre opposite Costa. It sells unique fashion and art and is really worth a look see.

I promise not to leave it so long next time.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

House Of Eve

So sorry for the delayed post, i've been working on a rather exciting project. I have been helping some very lovely people set up their new boutique in Clifton, Bristol. It's called House of Eve and they stock designer and vintage women's wear. I've been doing their windows and floor plan as well as a bit of buying - it's been brilliant fun.

House of Eve - Window Design

Labels wise we're selling Danish designers Numph;

And Laundry Room;
Laundry Room

And some handpicked vintage dresses, shirts, shoes and bags (we've only been open 3 weeks and we've had to do a second bag run already as everyone has gone crazy for them!)


These pictures were taken just before we opened and in the last two weeks we've added a lot more vintage and have some super soft scarves and very cool jewellery. Next time i'm there i'll take some pics but you can also see what bits and pieces there are via face book - House of Eve and fingers crossed there will be a website soon.

Official opening is 5th November and the address is 91a White Ladies Road, Clifton, Bristol (next to bar humbug). If you're around come and say hi for your free cupcake (with any purchase) and if you're not around then come say hi anytime!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Averys - For all you Wedding Wine needs

I've wanted to blog about Averys for some time now for no other fact than when we were organising our wedding they were beyond superb!
Apart from the gorgeous and unique environment;

wine tasting table

And the obvious experience and expertise;

They were open and made us feel totally relaxed when we said we had X amount to spend and we needed X amount of bottles (and trust me it wasn't much!)
They got out a selection and let us taste and decide for ourselves - without any of the hideous wine snobbery - which wines would be best for our day and our guest.

We were so delighted by the whole experience that we also treated ourselves to a little something special;

We have been to Averys on and off since, whenever we have wanted to buy a friend something that you can't get in the supermarket or when we have wanted to treat ourselves to the experience of feeling special without breaking the bank - their good basic wine is the same cost as supermarkets but the quality is so much better.
Go and see for yourselves, it's totally worth the trip: Averys Wine Cellars, 9 Colver Street, Bristol, BS1 5LD