Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wedding Theme Inspiration

I'd like to start by apologising for not posting many dress pics or 'how to's' recently. I've been doing a lot of making and it's my policy not to put any pictures of wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses on the blog until after the big day (I would hate to be responsible for ruining the big surprise) so i'm afraid we're just going to have to wait for those.
But hopefully this may make up for it a little bit!
Whilst we were away in Sheffield we took a visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park which not only has some phenomenal art pieces but also a phenomenal shop, with some beautiful one off art pieces. I thought they would make beautiful Artsy Wedding gifts that would be totally unique or alternatively they were great inspiration pieces in relation to decorating a reception or themeing a wedding.

Table Centre Piece?

John Dilnot has used antique maps as a background in this beautiful box and has mounted and cut around the bird images. Both of these things are very simple but also work really well if you wanted to create a soft vintage look at your wedding reception. For example you could use old maps as a table runner and rather then flowers as a centre piece maybe try and recreate the birds on the trees. It would look so unique and could be a real talking point.

Suzie McLaughlin has created some stunningly delicate art pieces by cutting out floral and butterfly motifs from the pages of books. (She has obviously been doing it for a while so her's are extremely involved) Why not create a simple design (or borrow one and see what you can come up with. Again this could work really well as a table centre piece or laid out in the entrance to your reception.

Red Riding Hood Wedding theme?

This is less about ideas for decorations to enhance your wedding day (though you could) and more about an idea for your wedding theme. Les Contes have created some gorgeous jewellery pieces centering around fairy tales. What could be more apt for your wedding day?! If you focus on silhouettes and well placed props you could very easily recreate a fairy tale setting without going too overboard.

We're off on holiday but I promise to come back soon xkt

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Antique Wedding List

I love and despair about Sheffield Antiques, love because it is a cavern of joy and delight and despair because it's in Sheffield (which is a long way from my house)!

If you know some one who is getting married I can't advise you more strongly then to take the trip up there as you will find 101 original wedding gift ideas. They have such a huge range of vintage and antique goodies of every shape and kind that if you don't come away with more than you intended to get i'll eat my new 70's, turquoise, leather jacket that I accidentally bought on this visit.

For them;

cute and kitsch

I would get married again just to receive this!

Babycham Deer

Another idea is maybe finding your thank you gifts for your bridesmaids here, they have such a huge selection of vintage jewellery and accessories;

You never know, you may also find a little something to make your own wedding day that little bit more unique;

1920's veil and tiara

If you don't live in Sheffield it may feel like a long way to go but it really is so worth it, you really can spend the day there - they also have a lovely little cafe on the top floor which is never a bad thing.
And don't forget the surrounding area, we spent the afternoon at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (i'll post about that soon) which was beyond fantastic.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Portishead Lido

This weekend we took an inpromptu trip to the thoroughly British Portishead Lido. Built in 1962  ( it is the perfect place to spend a hot English summers day. The water was warm, the sun was hot and the colours (thanks to Ty Pennington) made everything feel totally summery.

The diving board is my favourite kind of vintage building - one piece concrete, all smooth lines and clever engineering;

 I also love the way they have mixed very classic "British Country Garden" with potted lavendar and hanging baskets with the "Tropical Beach" colour scheme and feathery umbrellas. It sounds like it shouldn't work but to my mind it epitomises the whole experience;

 And the final piece of the puzzle, that made it a completely English holiday experience has to be all the towels in a row;