Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snowflakes and butterflies

Hello ladies, I know the Christmas season is over, but as I type, snowflakes are tumbling past the window and the whole world is silent and white.  If you're into the idea of a winter wedding one of the simplest and prettiest things you can make are snowflakes.  They look beautiful as place settings or can just be hung amongst the flowers.  Here's how to:

1.    You need: A4 paper, scissors and a pencil
2.    First, make a square, to do this take one corner and fold diagonally across the paper so that you make a triangle and the edges of the paper line up
3.    Cut off the spare rectangle - along the line where the fold meets so that you’re left with a square when you open the paper out
4.    Fold the triangle in half at the shortest point
5.    You need to make a circle so now draw a curved line from the folded edge to the other side
6.    Cut along the line, if you open it up now you should have a rough circle
7.    Now for the pretty bit; whatever you cut out from this shape will make your final design.  Little snips out from the folded edges will give you a lacey effect, long spiney cuts will back delicate spikes. 
Remember whatever you do will be mirrored along the fold when you open it out.  For the butterfly design cut out one half of the butterfly shape, and when you open it up you’ll have a whole one.

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