Wednesday, 26 January 2011

One More Dress

This week end I was enticed - yet again - to Cheddar Boot Fair to pick up another vintage wedding dress from the lovely Ang Broderick. 1950's lace with a train (pictures to come soon). On this trip we took the lovely Louis Legs (Louise to her other friends or @loulou to twitter fans), this was her first trip and she took some great pictures that really capture the ambiance of our favourite  all year boot fair. So all the pictures on this weeks blog are courtesy of Lou; 

dogs in anoraks always make me laugh!

Marylin Mirror one whole pound

I had to add this - £2 for a bag of sausages, they are still in our fridge, ridiculous!

Our newest edition at his spiritual home
It's always cold, but there is always so much to see and there is always a little gem tucked away that can be turned into something beautiful. No doubt next time I need something or another to dress a wedding with i'll be back down there!
Thanks for some great pics Legs

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