Monday, 20 June 2011

M Shed

For those of you that live in Bristol, you may know that last weekend saw the opening of a new museum -The M Shed- showcasing some of the cities history. We were lucky enough to be invited to the opening and in amongst the old double decker bus, hot air balloons and musical memorabilia (I still have a bee in my bonnet that Roni Size wasn't mentioned once!)  there was the sweetest Victorian wedding dress;
Victorian Wedding Dress

There was also some "Jazz" under skirts which I loved and may well have to recreate ;

And finally, in relation to vintage clothes, a mod homage to the 60's with possibly the best moped jumper in I've ever seen!

Knitted Moped Jumper

We had a really nostalgic morning, if you're ever on the water front I recommend popping in. You'll also get to see this fab mural that me and my son loved, I mean who wouldn't love a Dinosaur made of the city they live in!;

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