Monday, 14 March 2011

1930's wedding dress remodelled

One of the dresses I had bought was beautiful but because of the silver thread running through it, it was also rusty. I made gallant efforts to remove the rust but it's been there so long it just was not budging, so instead I decided to remodel it to get rid of the worst bits and cover the speckles. Here are the results;

It's so simple but the fabric and the petal detail give it so much depth I didn't want to go overboard.

See you all at Bristol Vintage this Sunday

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  1. Very nice. You did a pretty good job with this. I really like how it turned out. Too bad you don't have a "before" picture as well. My wedding's up in a few months and I'm still looking for wedding dresses that would suit me, but no luck so far. Still looking for that dream-dress, I guess... :)