Monday, 21 March 2011

Preparation for a Wedding Fair...

This Sunday was our first wedding fair and it was a truly lovely experience, traders and customers a like were enthusiastic and generous about what we at The Hand Made Wedding Co. are trying to achieve.
So what I would like to do today is actually is a bit of a "how to" in relation to the preparation side and then a separate blog with pictures of how the stand looked on the day (later in the week i'll put a post up with some pics of other traders at the fair - and oh my gosh there was some beautiful merchandise - but first I need to sort through the mass of pictures, so one thing at a time).

Step one - dress preparation;

Making sure all the dresses are clean, patched and pressed.

Step two - making the banner for display at the fair;

print out the letters on heat transfer paper - don't forget to print them in reverse

cut the letters out and place them where you want them - iron for around a minute each

once cooled peel the paper off

Step three - trial run;

Step four - last but not least, what to wear!

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