Monday, 30 May 2011

wedding inspiration from...

... a garden centre! Inspiration for wedding reception design can strike at any time so it is essential you always have some kind of camera on you (these pictures are all courtesy of my lovely husbands new phone).
Due to the recent royal wedding and current high street trends, red white and blue is pretty popular at the moment and in my mind a good staple colour theme to work with. I really love the grass on the roof with the cascading ivy, almost looking like natural bunting, whilst the potted geraniums really pop ( and also make excellent favours, which can reduce cost and cleaning up time);

I was amazed to see these ribbon laced trainers hiding amongst the pets and the garden furniture but I really liked the idea;

Now as a rule i like to work with real flowers and natural accessories for no other reason than they're beautiful, but there is something about a pompom on a stick that i just can't resist!

I think it just goes to show that ideas for your wedding theme can pop up in the most unlikely of places

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