Tuesday, 24 May 2011

YMCA photoshoot

One of my favourite places to browse on a wet afternoon has got to be the YMCA furniture store in St.Catherines Parade, Bedminster. It is packed to the gills with retro furniture and it is ridiculously cheap, so cheap in fact that we are onto our 3rd 70's side board! Every time we go we can't help picking up something (i'm sure i'll do a blog on our furniture bargins at some point in the near future). Apparently no one wants 'old style' furniture any more but some one with a little bit of money and some business savvy could totally make a very comfortable living from selling on some of their more wonderful pieces.

So seeing as the YMCA is full of beautiful retro furniture I thought I would take advantage of Ra, the managers, good nature and style up some outfits in the window - having turned it into an open plan living space. And seeing as I collect vintage clothes from a variety of eras, I thought it might be fun to give them a bit of an airing.

60's had to be tiger print nylon and the 70's really had to be flares and sideboards;

60's nylon
70's flares and side board

When it came to the 80's the blak lace Madonna dress (it was very nearly a batwing and neon leg warmers

80's lace - all that's missing is the crimping!

90's is quite dear to my heart as I was a teenager then so I really felt I should show how it really was when grunge was king;

And finally, that dull decade the 00's. I know not everything about it was dull fashion wise but with the growth of "budget fashion" and with more people than ever hitting the high streets for quick fashion fixes I can't really pin my finger on anything decade defining, so I thought I would keep it really simple;

"Normal Naughties"

If you ever have a spare afternoon or saturday morning and you're in the area I really can't recommend the YMCA enough, it truly is a vintage furniture treasure trove.

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